About Me

DTN_1687Hi, my name is Gosia. I am a mother to two small humans and one big feline, a wife, a nature lover, a story collector, and a seeker.

I started this blog in hopes of finding my voice. I had it once. Surely, I did. But in the meanders of my life, marked by loneliness of immigration, riches and poors of marriage, joys and hardships of motherhood, hopes and loses of my mom’s battle with cancer, I lost it somehow.

It’s all good. I think that I was meant to lose it. And to find it. A little less rigid. A little less certain. A little more forgiving. You might find it preachy or bitchy at times, and plenty sappy, for sure. But this is my story. And I think our stories are meant to be heard.

I would love to hear yours.