This new TV show? Thanks, but no thanks…

I have binged-watched TV series before.
Not in a while though.
I hear that there is SO MUCH good TV these days and I get recommendations from people on occasion.

But, frankly, it all seems so saturated with darkness, that it is rather uninviting, to say the least.

I realize that many TV series these days are really well done and accurately portray the current state of humanity.

Maybe even offer some insights into the future.

But for me personally there is enough darkness in real life.

Hearing the news is depressing enough.

So, I am opting out from watching made up violence, crime, corruption, cruelty, insanity, addiction, infidelity, death, destruction, horror, zombies, and whatever other creepy, evil, spooky stuff people fancy these days.

Many of us suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, social withdrawal, and isolation (the list could go on).

Yes, I realize that the reasons are many and complex and watching TV is likely not one of them…

Still, I ask myself and my anxiety-ridden friends: how is watching that HELPING us cope with the world right now?

And I fail to see the answer.

Then, I wonder what the world would be like if, in our spare time, we would all steep ourselves in beauty, light, and goodness?

What do you think?


One thought on “This new TV show? Thanks, but no thanks…

  1. Although I haven’t had a TV set for years now, I’m known to binge watch different programmes too, mainly on the internet or DVDs. But actually when I reflect on it, I’ve mostly binged on…comedies! Once I start watching ‘Friends’ for example, I can’t stop 😉 I don’t watch the newest programmes either, I haven’t seen a single Game of Thrones episode, or any other so called hit shows, and not planning on watching any time soon either. Just like you, I’m not interested in bringing more violence, depression, desperation or what have you into my daily life. I’d rather laugh 😀


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