Drinks on the Deck

Both my husband and I work outside of home. Where we live, the commute easily takes an hour and a half of each of our days (that’s a full day of work spent in the car each week!)

“I am busy” and “I am tired” pretty much became our mantras…

Still, when both kids were in the same preschool, we at least had the logistics figured out: we could manage keeping up with all the doctor and dentist appointments, the laundry, making dinner every day, yada, yada, yada…. Also, our lawn was never (too) outrageously overgrown, we vacuumed like, twice a month, and we even went to a few social gatherings!

But when September came and our daughter started first grade in a new school, this game of careful balancing of all our in- and outside- of home engagements was taken to a whole new level…

Packing lunches in the morning, taking the younger kid to preschool, dropping off the older kid at the bus stop, picking up the younger kid from preschool, picking up the older kid from SACC, homework, back to school nights, signing up for parent-teacher conferences, filling a gazillion forms, remembering library days, show-and-tell days, countless websites to register at: scholastic book club, nutrislice, gonoodle, xtramath, blackboard…

W H E W…

(Sorry, teachers, volunteering is not happening this year!)

Before September, I didn’t really have a need for keeping a calendar. But second week into our daughter’s elementary school experience, I realized that I am slowly beginning to lose my mind. So, I started systematically entering all the new engagements onto my google calendar and sending invites to my husband to keep him in the loop.

Last Friday, I got a google calendar invite in my inbox.

It was from him: “Drinks on the Deck. Our House. 7pm. Going?”

I did go.

It was nice.

We put a movie on for the kids and had a couple fancy beverages while chatting about our crazy life.

And you know, as ridiculous at it seems, this might just be the thing that will keep us connected through this whirlwind of affairs that we need to keep up with while doing this whole working-parent gig.

I’d better tell him to make that a recurring event.

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